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Hey /r/bitcoin, we made high-res images of Bitcoin 'coins' that are yours to use/manipulate!

Hey /bitcoin, we made high-res images of Bitcoin 'coins' that are yours to use/manipulate!
Hey all, here are vector images we made that represent a Bitcoin, Bitcent, Milibit, Microbit and Satoshi. We're making them open to the bitcoin community!
Here's a preview of the vector images: Preview Image
And here's a link to the dropbox .zip containing .svg, .ai, and .png versions link
If you'd like to see them in action, check out our site www.barc.com, we use them in our chat.
If you need any help feel free to ask here, we'll be monitoring this thread for the next couple days!
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Almost 17! Since bitcoin went over 10k i bought some bitcents and subscribed for this community! I have 2 questions!

What happens if US wants to ban bitcoin and mining? How long does btc will show up in coinbase acount?
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Have no idea where I put my bitcent but I have the address, is it gone forever? /r/Bitcoin

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Let's calculate #bitcoin in #bitcent from now on.

One bitcent (0,000001 BTC) is now worth $0,0174 dollar. Thats pretty cheap compared to some other #altcoins.
Happy 2018,
*Transaction fee requirements, mainly only needed for flood control
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Let's calculate #bitcoin in #bitcent from now on. /r/btc

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07-05 22:12 - '[quote] Going around parroting this because you think it makes you smart, doesn't. It just makes you look like a 10 bitcent faggot.' by /u/ayanami_faggot removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-4min

Bitcoin is owned by the owner of the private key and no one else.
Going around parroting this because you think it makes you smart, doesn't. It just makes you look like a 10 bitcent faggot.
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Author: ayanami_faggot
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Almost 17! Since bitcoin went over 10k i bought some bitcents and subscribed for this community! I have 2 questions! /r/Bitcoin

Almost 17! Since bitcoin went over 10k i bought some bitcents and subscribed for this community! I have 2 questions! /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

[ALBUM] I visited BitCenter in TJ and checked out Bitcoin 42's ATM!

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Is it time for Bitcents? /r/Bitcoin

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BitCents. 1 / 100 of Bitcoin

Give people what they know. Dollars (bitcoin) and Cents (BitCents)
You don't nesserarily need to use 1000ths and millionths of bitcoins
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I would like to propose BCN - Bitcent! /r/Bitcoin

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Brand new newbie

Hiya all,
I'm just completing the process of buying my house, and now I'm about to be on the other side, I can start accepting a little more risk in my investment portfolio. I currently have money in:
Vanguard index funds Physical gold bar
I'm looking to diversify and invest say £100 (US$130) into bitcoin every now and then. A few questions if I may
  1. How the heck do I invest in bitcoin properly (no e-toro or anything like that)
  2. I know it's very volatile, but is it worth short term investments, or longer term?
  3. Given that 1 Bitcoin is worth around £5,700 or so, is it possible to buy Bitcents or Bitpence or whatever they're called? Can I buy for example 0.0137 of a bitcoin?

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Hey Redditors. Sorry to hash out a point which I’m sure has been made previously. I think in some respects we may be a partial victim of our own success. By that I mean that we have developed a system of terminology which we ourselves typically understand very well, but newcomers find difficult. How can we make this even simpler?
One of my biggest concerns is that if Bitcoin sees even greater success, which I expect it will, outsiders may not understand the divisibility of Bitcoin. That is to say that they may not understand that, say, they can own a fraction of a bitcoin or whatever. I know this is patent to most of us who have spent time within the Bitcoin sphere, but imagine having never had any interaction with bitcoin? People are generally uninterested in things they cannot afford, and so may not even take the time to look deeper. To that end we are faced with options. We could try to recategorise a ‘bitcoin’ as 10,000,000 sats, but that will engender confusion and may make people think Bitcoin is actually performing terribly, so this is not a good idea. Alternatively, we could try to price bitcoin in terms of bitcents or something, but that again could be quite confusing.
I’m truly interested to know your thoughts, and to know if you even think this is a problem at all.
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Proposed: Time to Switch to mBTC

  1. BTC are gaining acceptance from an increasingly mainstream crowd.
  2. First time bitcoin purchases are likely to be small, low-risk.
  3. $100/BTC is a significant psychological barrier to an unsophisticated buyer buying into bitcoin.
  4. There may exist a psychological inclination towards $1USD/mBTC
Therefore, it is proposed that we move exchange, POS and other bitcoin-related references to mBTC.
EDIT: Of course it's psychological. We're talking about money here, money is all made up, it's all psychological.
EDIT 2: I propose we pronounce it, "mbit" (pronounced: [ʊm 'bɪt])
EDIT 3: Forget mbits. I much prefer "millies". What's your favorite name for the mBTC?
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First 50 people to reply will get Bitcoins

Bitcoins are like this fake internet money.\
edit: well, that was fun! they're all gone now. have fun, help orphans. If you get bored, send them to xkcd or internet archive.
There's a grief that can't be spoken. There's a pain goes on and on. Empty chairs at empty tables Now my friends are dead and gone. Here they talked of revolution. Here it was they lit the flame. Here they sang about `tomorrow' And tomorrow never came. From the table in the corner They could see a world reborn And they rose with voices ringing I can hear them now! The very words that they had sung Became their last communion On the lonely barricade at dawn. Oh my friends, my friends forgive me That I live and you are gone. There's a grief that can't be spoken. There's a pain goes on and on. 
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The Most Important Early-Stage Investor Of The Last 10 Years Just Made A Huge Bet On Bitcoin

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We need to start talking about fractions of Bitcoins

I think one of the most important things determining whether or not future adoption will really take off is how accessible Bitcoin seems. Now if you talk to people about Bitcoin and how the price has gone up to $100 it might actually sounds quite off-putting, how many of these "hundreddollar thingies do I have to buy? Sounds expensive" So at some point we should start talking about the fractions of them even Satoshis eventually, so it sounds like something people can buy into without putting up huge amounts of money.
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Zhou Tonged - Cyprus Anthem

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How can there only be 21 million btc created when there's roughly 7 billion people on the planet. If bitcoin is ever adopted on a massively global scale 1 btc would be worth well over millions. Is this what people are thinking and how's that going to work with no interference from world governments

Why couldn't the CIA just ddos every bitcoin exchange?
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hardleft121 visits Sean's Outpost, or Greg meets Jason. Mighty things are afoot.

Greetings, all.
I traveled to Pensacola this past week and a highlight of my trip was spending time with Jason King of Sean's Outpost. Besides being a right affable fellow, the work that he is doing is commendable and deserving of our support. He welcomed me into his world for one afternoon to show me what Bitcoin is able to do... and that it is "real".
He took me to the Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center (BITHOC) where food for meals is stored/prepared. He took me to the workshop where structures were actively being built to provide shelter. He showed me one of the parks where 4 cold meals and 3 hot meals are served by Sean's Outpost every week. He spent part of that day like he does most days: delivering lunches to gathering spots for the homeless.
He spoke of the difficulty specific to Pensacola, where there are 30 beds available to shelter 1,000 homeless people. We talked about the archaic, backwards laws that have been created there. Laws which make it basically illegal to be homeless. With the coming winter, many of them will have to choose between sleeping uncovered, without a tent, or running afoul of the law and heading to jail.
If you can give as little as a bitcent, it means a meal to a person. It is a rewarding experience and one of the best things you can do to help fellow man (with Bitcoin).
One of the things I left with is the oft-forgotten understanding that these homeless people are human beings, not objects, not clients, not customers. People. Many of them are veterans. Many of them want to work. Many of them are good people, who have fallen on rough times.
The coolest part?... I can't discuss. But watch this space for an announcement. I can't believe what plans have been put into action and look forward to them being shared. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterwards. Can't wait. And holy shit.
Sean's Outpost makes the Bitcoin community proud.
Sean's Outpost makes a difference in people's lives on a daily basis.
Jason King has committed himself, many friends and his family to this outreach. His kids help and now know Bitcoin. His wife deserves accolades. While I was with him, he gave much credit to her.
I am glad to have met him, consider him a friend, and I look forward to our next meeting.
Lastly... if you have ever thought about donating to Sean's Outpost, I would encourage it. In fact... I will match your donation, right here. Whatever difference you decide to make will have twice the impact. I am not a wealthy person, so I will have to limit my matching if this gets out of hand, but that is a good problem to have.
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Hi r/Bitcoin! We just launched Inputs.io, an instant offchain payments service & secure Bitcoin wallet. We're giving away 0.01 BTC, no strings attached!

I'm the lead developer (on Bitcointalk I'm known as TradeFortress) behind Inputs.io, a new bitcoin wallet with instant payments, free mixing, no fees, and with security as our number one priority.
Check out our FAQ for our security measures. While we don't use client side encryption, that's hardly foolproof and gives people a false sense of security. Blockchain.info can serve you malicious JS that sends away all your Bitcoins to themselves and hide the TX from their wallet and block explorer - nobody will notice until hours later. They can even limit the JS served to certain users - for example, those accessing from mobile devices or those who never checked the source code before.
It doesn't have to be them - it could be a hacker, a MITMer, or someone who worked on the code - including me! I'm the person who developed the Chrome Extension for them.
So, enough ranting about why client side encryption is really something like a lock made out of jelly (but it might taste nice). We're giving away 0.01 BTC to everyone here who replies with their Inputs.io username!
The only conditions are that your reddit account must be registered before today, and you're not allowed to use proxies or Tor when signing up for Inputs.io (otherwise we will disqualify you).
Visit Inputs.io and sign up! After activating your wallet, claim a username and you'll get a short URL like this:
https://inputs.iogladoscc (way easier & better than a long bitcoin address!)
Post that here along with a short comment or something, and we'll send 0.01 BTC. Suggestions and feedback are very much appreciated! We hope you enjoy using Inputs.
When you get your bitcent, I suggest trying out the instant offchain transaction feature. It has no fees, it's instant (no waiting for confirmations!), and it's not publicly recorded in the blockchain. That prevents blockchain bloating. Some sites that accept Inputs:
Of course, you can send it to your own wallet or just keep it in Inputs if you prefer.
(If you decide to integrate Inputs, let us know and we'll add you here!)
We've given away more than 2 BTC in total. Thank you to everyone for your feedback and support! We're excited to bring more competition to the Bitcoin economy, and we're not here to make a quick buck - everyone at the Inputs.io team sees Bitcoin as a revolutionary protocol than a fad.
We're working on an automated tool to detect fraud and abuse of our giveaway - we want to spread Bitcoin around, not have one user claim a dozen times. We'll be back sending coins soon - keep them coming!
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2 two-way Bitcoin ATM's installed in Mexico March 22nd.

Two Genesis1 ATMs were installed at Tijuana's BIT Center last Saturday. This is the USD ATM and the MXN ATM. You can withdraw either USD or MXN. You can also buy bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin using Dollars or Pesos, either by scanning your QR code or printing a paper wallet.
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Inauguraron los 2 primeros cajeros de Bitcoins en el Bit Center de Tijuana. Addicted to Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency Rehab Center - YouTube Introduction to BIT Center in Tijuana PRIMER CAJERO DE BITCOIN EN BIT CENTER DE TIJUANA Bit Center - Módulo 1 y 3

Bitcoin Center NYC is the only place in the U.S. dedicated to promoting Bitcoin, educating the public, and hosting the local Bitcoin community. In other words, we are THE place for Bitcoin! We have a strong following in the New York Bitcoin community and our events often feature and are attended by prominent figures in the Bitcoin world. But this is not enough. We will not rest until every man ... Wissenswertes über Bitcoins Unser Bitcoin Chart zeigt Ihnen den aktuellen Bitcoin Kurs in Euro (Kürzel: BTC und XBT) sowie die Bitcoin Kursentwicklung (Bitcoincharts).Wenn Sie Bitcoins kaufen möchten, können Sie sich hier anmelden.In unseren Bitcoin.de FAQs und in unserem Tutorial "Mein erster Bitcoin" erfahren Sie, wie Sie Bitcoins verkaufen oder kaufen können. Individuals, businesses, developers: learn from our simple Bitcoin guides. How Bitcoin works, what is Bitcoin, what is blockchain, how to buy Bitcoin, what is Bitcoin mining and more. Bitcoin Profit: Einzahlung, Auszahlung und Backend. Anleger, die sich für diese Plattform entschieden haben, können sich äußerst einfach anmelden. Sie besuchen dafür die Webseite des Anbieters und finden rechterhand einen Kasten namens „Registrieren Sie sich unten“ . Dort tragen interessierte Anleger ihren Namen sowie ihre E-Mail-Adresse ein. Dann werden sie weitergeleitet und müssen Bitcoin Center NYC Founder Nick Spanos is a Keynote Speaker for Coinvention. September 12, 2019 . Network Validation: Moving $1 Billion in One Bitcoin Transaction. August 13, 2019 . Bitcoin Center NYC Founder to Speak at Futurist Conference. August 5, 2019 . Bitcoin Strengthens Position as Global Hedge ...

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Inauguraron los 2 primeros cajeros de Bitcoins en el Bit Center de Tijuana.

Ya están operando en el Bit Center de Tijuana los 2 primeros cajeros automáticos de monedas virtuales en Latinoamérica; los Bitcoins podrían ser una ridícula idea o el principio de una nueva ... bitcoin y acciones americanas anÁlisis del precio en directo entradas 5-28-2020 dru lozano 566 watching Live now Retiro de cajero de bitcoin en tijuana - Duration: 1:22. BitClub Network is the largest crowd funded Bitcoin mining pool in the world! Join now and get paid Bitcoin daily without recruiting and no autoship! Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Our ... A $2000 investment turned into me spending $100,000 dollars building a custom shed for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining. Here's the story of Drew Vosk and t... Estos son algunos de las empresas integrantes del Edificio Bit Center en nuestro Módulo 5. Para más información sobre el edificio, te invitamos a visitar nuestro sitio web www.bitcenter.mx.